A downloadable asset pack

Magic shield is a VFX buildup particle made in Unreal. It was built with Niagara as a part of a larger scene. The scene depicts a raging battle going on with projectiles and arrows flying around. Black Tar cooking in a tower and smoke everywhere. Amid the chaos a mighty wizard casts his spell in an attempt to block and dissipate the oncoming danger.

I've added a downloadable brief explaining how I made it in more detail. In there you can also read about my motivation and inspiration.

Follow this link to see the whole scene on youtube:


Enjoy the effect.

- Elie


VanRavels_Elie_UnrealProject.zip 54 MB
Elie_Van_Ravels_project brief.pdf 3 MB


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wow there is soooo much to this effect. really stunning stages and the colours are super cool!