A downloadable game for Windows

Hi, welcome to Viking Horde,

A mix between strategy and action where you control a horde... of vikings!
Enjoy the whimsical style and gameplay of Viking Horde as you charge, plunder and beserk your way through a bunch of islands.




2DAE05_VanRavels_Elie_Final_VikingHorde_Uproject_02.zip 145 MB


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Pared de escudo para pobres, Gracias Siempre Eh querido probar el juego pero no tuve dinero para comprarlo, pero simulare que compre el original Divertido!


Really good game, nice music, but extremely hard in my opinion. I couldn't even pass the second level. :/

Thank you for your feedback! It is indeed hard even aside from some bugs.

You can experience the other levels with the level select or play around with the "T" button ;D (I left it in for playtesting purposes) Have fun!


I came across some glitches while playing but i still had fun!

gameplay at 16:33

Thanks for playing! There is still a lot of room for improvement, but I'm glad you had fun already! :D